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Three years ago, Antinozzi Associates relocated to the beautifully renovated former Bijou ballroom space on Fairfield Avenue, thanks in part to a Commcap loan. It is the perfect fit for President Paul Antinozzi.

 “CommCap’s role is critical to provide gap financing when needed. It makes it reasonable and logical to rebuild our urban cores,” Antinozzi said. “At a time when credit is tight CommCap loans and reasonable rates are very important to the revitalization of Bridgeport.”

In addition to its professional services, Antinozzi Associates was honored as the Bridgeport Regional Business Council’s firm of the year in 2010.

Paul Antinozzi:

It has been difficult for architects and builders the past few years. The bottom dropped out. We had to draw our horns in and cut back.  Of course we wondered why we spent more to be downtown.  We could have been in Stratford in a building I own.  You have to balance against the benefits and we’ve come out ahead in the mathematical equation.  We weathered the storm.

Originally, I moved to Bridgeport to build relationships with Bridgeport companies and institutions, but it has been gratifying on a personal level.  I’ve been the Co-Chair of the Bridgeport Downtown Task Force for the last three years.  The task force has advocated strongly for downtown improvement efforts.

Outside of the great location downtown and near transportation hubs the space also attracts clients and new talent to the firm.  Good people mean good service and happy clients.  One of the many new local projects for our firm was the Phil Kuchma project on the corner of Lafayette Boulevard and Fairfield Avenue.  I think people are genuinely impressed by it and Phil’s vision.

I think Bridgeport finally has a vision for itself that is attainable and is shared by the stakeholders. The importance of a shared vision means that there’s unanimity of purpose.   The City’s new master plan takes into consideration residential, business, active streetscapes, and increased retail.  As development begins to occur, projects like Phil’s will attract other projects and will affect the perception of downtown.  That’ll make it more valuable real estate and more attractive for developers to construct other facilities.

I see Bridgeport going through a tremendous turnaround and being a part of it is priceless.  All of us are feeling optimistic.

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