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CommCap provides investor/donors with a variety of ways to participate in the fund.

As our primary institutional investors, banks participate in the fund and can earn CRA credit by providing any of the following:
  • Lending Capital – usually in the form of a direct loan to CommCap
  • Equity Equivalent Investment – direct investment into fund with expectation of a return
  • Donation – general operating support in the form of a grant
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Foundations with a common mission may participate in the fund through:  
  • Donations – general operating support
  • Grants – in support of a specific program of the fund
  • Loans – directly to CommCap
  • Program Related Investments(PRI’s) – similar to an equity equivalent investment, foundations can invest directly in the fund with the expectation of a return
Public/Quasi-Public Programs and Institutions
CommCap serves as a vehicle for public dollars to facilitate the implementation of programs that support business and affordable housing development, such as:
  • Economic Development Administration – Revolving Loan Fund Program
  • EPA Brownfields Revolving Loan Program
  • State of CT – Housing Trust Fund Program
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • CHFA
  • Housing Tax Credit Contribution Program
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For Additional Information, please contact:
Ann C. Robinson
Executive Director
(203) 332-7977

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