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Downtown Development


Citytrust Mixed-Use Development
CommCap acted as a pass-through entity for $ 3.1 million of financing from Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development to Urban Green Builders for the development of 118 units of rental housing and 38,285 square feet of commercial/retail space. The space at the corner of Main and Bank Streets is now occupied by a new Citibank branch. Urban Green’s partner, GDC Properties, is working enthusiastically to lease the remaining commercial space.  



Downtown Development

Rainy Faye Bookstore Citytrust Mixed-Use Development
Read’s Building/Artspace Read’s Building/Artspace
Two Boots Two Boots
The Raffel Building, 240 Fairfield Avenue The Raffel Building, 240 Fairfield Avenue
Antinozzi Associates Antinozzi Associates

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